Summary of the 2015 Amendments to the Rules of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation

The 2015 Rules, effective July 1, 2015, contain organizational, editorial, and substantive changes. This summary of the 2015 amendments to the Rules is intended as a convenient reference and does not represent an exhaustive description of all rules changes. For detailed information regarding changes to a particular rule, please refer to the published version of the rule.

1. Rule 102(A)(6)—Recording of conversations with judges
Rule 102(A)(6) was added to prohibit audio or video recording of a Board proceeding, including conference calls with administrative law judges, without permission of the Board.

2. Rule 108(d)—Withdrawal from representation
Rule 108(d) was amended to require an attorney withdrawing from the representation of a party to provide current contact information for the former client to the Board.

3. Rule 121(c)—Excess insurance for self-insured governmental entities
Rule 121 (c) was amended to require governmental entities to purchase excess insurance in an amount and with specific retention levels acceptable to the Board.

4. Rule 200.1—Rehabilitation Services
Rule 200.1 was rewritten and re-organized.

5. Rule 201(a)(1)—Six non-associated physicians
Rule 201(a)(1) was amended to remove the requirement that panels of physician consist of only non-associated physicians.

6. Rule 201(a)(2)—Conformed Panel of Physicians
Rule 201(a)(2) was deleted to conform with the legislative change to O.C.G.A. §34-9-201(b)(2) which struck provisions relating to the Conformed Panel of Physicians.

7. Rule 202(b)—Cost of Claimant’s IME
Rule 202(b) was amended to increase the base amount of a claimant’s independent medical examination to an amount up to ($1200).